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В Bellota ще намерите всичко необходимо, за да настроите превозно средство или да предприемете проект за ремонт на дома. Прецизни отвертки, универсални клещи и резачки, пили и рапиди … Нищо не се сравнява с гордостта на добре свършената работа.



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Not all traditions are passed down from one generation to another by word of mouth, as deeds are often more meaningful than actual words. And that´s where daily endeavor comes into its own, relying on hard work to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. This is difficult to express through words, so the best way to understand it is through deeds. There is no finer tribute than a memory of hard work and endeavor embodied in the use of your own tools. This inspires us to design the tools you need to overcome the challenges you face. # BELLOTATools